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Alex & Lauren



I am now a true believer in that saying “there is somebody out there for everybody.”It was a short time after meeting Lauren that I knew she was the woman that I would spend the rest of my life with.

Lauren was there for me last year in April when I had a pretty serious back surgery. From the time I left to go to the Hospital until the day I went back to work, Lauren stood by my side supporting me and encouraging me to continue to work to get back on my feet.

I thank God everyday for leading me to my special person. Lauren is truly my other half, she balances me out. But the most attractive thing about her is her fun spirit. She is always smiling and ready for our next adventure. I am so happy to begin this journey as husband and wife with Lauren.


Truthfully, I have always known from the very first time I met Alex, that he was a strong person. He is the type of person that everyone wants around them. Generous, funny, and always helping to make light of bad situations, Alex is a joy to be around (aside form football season).

One thing I love most about Alex is his drive. He knows that he can accomplish great things and he already has. He is so committed to our relationship and the partnership that we are building every day.

He has shown me a kindness that no one has ever shown me before. He is my calm. He couches me through tough situations. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, boyfriend, and soon to be husband. I could only hope hat everyone finds an Alex in his or her life. I really love us together. We as a unit are so much stronger.

It is not a 50/50 relationship, it is a 100/100 relationship. We both give 100 percent to each other. If one of us falls short the other one has enough love, honor and respect to make up for it until the other is back on track. We thank God everyday for bringing us together and we are excited for our happily ever after.”


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