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Is the Catholic wedding valid performed outside the Church?

Yes it is. According with the Canon 1118, (2), (3), of the Vatican, is at the discretion and decision of the Ordinary to authorize a wedding outside the Church in any suitable place. In our Old Catholic Church, it is automatically authorized in all cases. To perform a ceremony outside of the church, a couple must request the location

Is a marriage between a baptized Catholic and a non-Catholic legal and valid?

Yes, a marriage between a Catholic and not Catholic couple it is valid and legal, according with the same Cannon 1118, of the Vatican, if you read it throughout all the paragraphs you will find that it is perfectly legal

Is your Old Catholic Church considered legitimate by the Vatican?

Yes it is. Please visit our History page for more details about why the Old Catholic Church is considered legitimate. The last document published by John Paul II in year 2000 Dominus Jesus, and ratified by Cardinal Ratzinger, the actual Pope Benedict XVI when he was the prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, states and clarifies the validity of our Church. Although it is not in perfect communion with the Roman Catholic Church, it remains united by the bond of the Apostolic Succession and the same Eucharist. The Universal Church of Christ is operative and valid in our Church

Can I write my own vows?

Yes you can. Nothing is more emotional than vows that come straight from the heart. However, we do have other options. You can repeat after the priest or we can email you the vows so you can look at them in advance. We try to make couples as comfortable as possible and tell them not to be nervous as we are there throughout the ceremony and will guide them through every step.

Will you give some support during the waiting period and preparation prior the event?

Absolutely. When you book the wedding event with us your ceremony becomes part of our ministry from that point on. We are accessible to you should you need any counseling or answers to any questions. You can request information about the ceremony via email or via phone during business hours. Please don’t hesitate to ask should you need samples of readings, instructions about the procession to the altar for the ceremony or details of the order of the ceremony if you are making a program for your guests including the readings and gospel.

Do you help with the rehearsal in case we do not have a coordinator and instructor?

We will send you via email all the information that you need regarding how to process in, the sacrament of the wedding, etc. We will guide you through every part of the ceremony, you will say your vows and the exchange rings repeating after the priest. If you write your own vows, you will read them from a flash card that the priest will hold until the moment arrives. We can also recommend some good vendors that have collaborated with the Church in the past that will give our couples reasonable pricing. In special situations, the priest can assist you with the rehearsal if it is called between Monday and Thursday and the Priest is available. Rehearsals outside the Church’s Chapel are not included.

Do we need to get married at the Court before the Religious Ceremony?

Not necessarily. If you also want to be married civilly, you do not need to have a double ceremony. You can simply go to your local court and apply for the marriage license. They require two forms of identification: one photo ID and one credit card or social security card. Once you have the marriage license, just bring it with you the day of the religious ceremony. We will fill out the information and send it back to the court at no extra cost to you. We do it with pleasure as a courtesy to you for choosing our Ministry and letting us to be a part of the most important day of your lives.